The first HDMI installed EPD machine
in signage market
Electronic Paper Signage "EPS"

  • High resolution and Eye friendly
  • Ultra low current consumption
  • Standalone operation
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about EPS(Electronic Paper Signage)

EPS (Electronic Paper Signage) adopts the industry's first * HDMI terminal as a large electronic paper signage!

It is a large-sized electronic paper signage that can be used for various purposes because it can employ high-definition electronic paper and operate with low power.

* As of the end of December 2017. According to our investigation

EPS key features

1. Adopt high-definition electronic paper

EPS adopts high-definition electronic paper.

Since electronic paper does not get tired even when watching for a long time like paper printing, it is most suitable for display of text information such as use in conference rooms and bulletin boards.

In addition, there is no light emission of the panel itself and it is easy to see even under sunlight,

You can also use it in a calm atmosphere shop or temporary outdoor use.

2. Ultra low power

Unlike liquid crystal panels, there is no backlight, so power consumption is drastically reduced. Therefore, no need to worry about the amount of electricity even if you use multiple units at large facilities.

In addition, since display can be keeping the contents even without power supply, it can be used as a means of displaying emergency information at the time of power outage or disaster at public institutions.

3. Supports various external inputs

The application for signage is preinstalled, so you can easily display it using SD card or USB memory.

Since it also supports HDMI connection and Internet connection via LAN,It is possible to change from the system currently used directly.

It takes less time to set up and build a system, so you can use it immediately.


Display E-Paper (E-ink made) 42inch 31.2inch
Resolution (pixel) 2160 x 2880 2560 x 1440
Grayscale 16 level
Interface Connector for display HDMI x 1
USB USB2.0(Host) x 1 (for Keyboard, USBstick, etc...)
USB2.0(Device) x 1 (for PC connection)
Ext. madia SD card-slot (MAX 32GB) x 1
Network RJ-45(LAN) x 1
Audio Output Φ3.5mm stereo-mini jack x 1
Power Input Voltage AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
External Battery Battery Connection Terminal
Size W x H x D (mm) W658 x H880 x D33 mm / 7.4kg W704 x H441 x D33 mm / 4.5kg
Mounting hole (back side) 200 x 200 mm 400 x 200 mm
Environmental conditions Operation Temp.(E-Paper spec.) 0~50℃

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EPS2 Pamphlet(5.4MB)

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