Just attach to a flat-screen

■ You can convert an existing television to an electronic blackboard by connecting to a Windows PC / Android terminal

■ You can use it as a giant touch-screen PC, and improve the efficiency of business meetings

■ You can introduce an electronic blackboard at a low cost by using an inexpensive flat-screen LCD television

■ The special application provides all the necessary functions of an electronic blackboard








Converting a TV to a touch panel

Connection with an Android

    device or a PC is also very simple.

By attaching the sensor frame to a normal flat-panel TV and connecting it to a PC or Android terminal, you can write by hand on the screen of the PC and this will also appear on the TV.

 You can save anything you have written and recall it at any time. You can also print on many different kinds of printer or share the data through the network as you would if you were using a general-purpose PC.

The device comes with electronic blackboard software that has all the different tools needed for writing on the board. Training sessions and the proceedings of business meetings are very well supported by this easy and convenient board and it is also very easy to read. For example templates may be used for forms, or shapes that make the input of handwritten text or drawings easier.

 The sensor frame can be custom-made to match the dimensions of the flat-screen TV that you are using. It is easy to install as you only have to put the frame on the tablet.

You can use the product...

In small classrooms where an existing television can be effectively utilized

In Tutoring schools that want to introduce a low-cost electronic blackboard

To improve the efficiency of meetings by writing data directly on an electronic board

For intuitive presentation

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