Paper-based material can also be used… whether it is a workbook or text notes!

Students as well as teachers can exchange data any time anywhere!

No need for printing!

No need for storage!

No need for mailing!

Complete conversion to data!

Electronic Paper Tablet

■Easy on the eyes ■Handwriting input ■Long operation time

You can answer and make hand written corrections just as you would using a paper workbook. So… all the conventional educational production know-how can be used. The use of a PC or tablet does not mean that a new learning method need be created.

No more paper-based media exchange. Faxing and conventional mail is a thing of the past. You can now use several different ways to communicate your work through the network.

If you use an electronic paper tablet, you will be relieved of the hassle of paper educational materials, such as printing, filing and mailing, and the costs incurred for them will be eliminated. You can also manage information in a smart way and have an update history and student progress logs… all as electronic data.

Intuitive information input by handwriting

Unlike a liquid crystal panel, the distance between the panel and the pen tip can be minimized. The digitizer pen gives a natural feel to writing, it is just like writing on paper.

Long-lasting battery, electronic paper

Electronic paper uses power only when the screen is being switched. This makes power consumption negligible when compared to liquid crystal panels that use backlights. The high-definition panel does not strain the eyes and can be seen clearly even outdoors.








※This product is still under development, both the appearance and specifications may be changed and improved without prior notice.

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