CREA's service
We do it all… from planning and design to production Crea deals mainly in electronic education products and offers customer support for all the steps from planning to mass production.We provide support not only for complete production but also for partial manufacture. Our staff in Japan, Taiwan and China are ready to study all the specifications and provide designs specially tailored for the needs of our customers. Our factory in China is responsible for manufacture and quality control for all our production, both low cost mass production and high quality manufacture, is handled by our resident QC staff. PCB design as well as mechanical processes In addition to providing planning ideas and electrical design, we also undertake jobs related to molding. Please contact us for any query… from the design and production of prototypes, to molding and mass production. Product procurement of many different kinds We procure the best products to suit the requirements of our customers, including office supplies, cables and sewn products such as bags. Localization to suit the Japanese market We localize the low-cost products produced overseas, such as printed products, product logos and electronic devices, to meet the demands of our customers.